September 15th, 2015

Wanderlust is bringing attention to mindful movement and men’s health as an official partner.

Pose-d to Grow
Wanderlust, producers of the largest yoga lifestyle events in the world, are proud to partner with Movember for the MOVE Challenge's inaugural year. Their headquarters in Brooklyn and new, permanent center in Hollywood will support Movember from coast to coast with media content, events, and a one-of-a-kind giveaway for MOVE participants. 

Like the Movember Foundation, Wanderlust is committed to many pillars of health, including mental, physical, and emotional.

Jeff Krasno, a co-founder of Wanderlust, believes in the importance of getting up and getting moving, particularly in a day in age where we’re often sitting down or staring at a screen. "Our bodies are naturally wired to be healthy. However, our modern condition—sitting in our car or endlessly in front of a monitor—has had many negative effects from back pain to obesity and, subsequently, diabetes,” he says. “Stress contributes to heart disease. Environmental conditions and poor eating habits lead to chronic disease and cancer. It’s so important for everyone—particularly men—to move their body every day. It keeps the heart healthy, relieves stress, helps you sleep, and allows you to focus." This is a cause close to Wanderlust’s heart—they believe movement inspires not only health, but happiness.

Look for inspiring stories from Wanderlust teachers, powerful conversations, and donation-based classes to benefit Movember—all focused on 30 days of mindful movement. They’re coming on board as an expert in yoga and mindfulness and tying their knowledge together with men’s health to help drive more awareness to this great movement.

Expect big things from their multi-faceted Wanderlust Hollywood center. Weekly donation-based classes will raise funds to benefit the Movember campaign. Anticipate talks in the LA community on men’s health, with thought leaders from Wanderlust Hollywood and more, including their very own Director of Yoga, Chad Dennis.

In a one-of-a-kind giveaway, a lucky participant in the MOVE challenge will receive a trip to the Wanderlust Hollywood center that includes four nights at the Loews in Hollywood and a travel stipend. The winner will also receive five days of unlimited yoga and meditation at Wanderlust Hollywood (and some other surprises). TOMS will be providing a gift pack for the winner—who also gets to choose a guest to come with them.

Online, Wanderlust Media will be sharing content that ties together their knowledge in the movement, mindfulness, and yoga fields with men’s health. Yogis—men and women alike—will speak to the connection between mind and body and overall health. We’ll be providing a MOVE of the week for Movember participants from one of Wanderlust's experts, and keep an eye out for all kinds of juicy content around nutrition and wellness. Wanderlust has a lot to offer when it comes to breaking the cycle of inactivity, starting a yoga practice, setting out on a run, and self-care of one’s body and mind.

Movember and Wanderlust are like-minded organizations. Wanderlust is all about helping people find their truth north, and they can’t wait to inspire and show people how self-care and support can impact others. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness of men’s health and inspire everyone to get moving!

Photo credit: Ali Kaukas