Fundraise at your workplace

Forget regular team building activities. Movember has them beat.

Doing Movember at work is a great way for you and your workplace to champion men's health. Not only is it loads of fun – it also brings people closer together, drives employee engagement and boosts job satisfaction.

Why get involved

Work isn’t all about work. Connection between colleagues matters. So bring the whole team closer through moustaches, movement and fun.

Taking on Movember at your workplace is perfect if you’re looking to:

  • Have fun and build camaraderie among your teammates.
  • Start important conversations around men’s mental health and wellbeing for 30 days.
  • Unite your company across teams and locations for a shared purpose.
  • Ignite friendly competition with suppliers, clients, or industry rivals.
  • Raise lifesaving funds and awareness for a cause that affects everyone.

How to start a fundraiser at your work

These three steps will help you bring the team together like no team-building exercise can.


1. Register and create a team

Sign up for Movember and create your profile, called your Mo Space. Then head to the Teams section to set up your workplace.


2. Use our resource hub to plan your fundraiser

How will you bring your workplace together to have a good time for a good cause? Host a knock-off event, organise a fun run or walk, or challenge the guys in the office to grow a Mo.


3. Spread the word and start fundraising

Now comes the fun part. Ask your co-workers to sign up and join the team. Spread the word in person and online. Get fundraising. And have fun while doing a heap of good for men’s health.

Hear how fundraising for Movember has boosted wellbeing at Ledcor Group
Rob Reid from Ledcor group
Hear how fundraising for Movember has boosted wellbeing at Ledcor Group

Bringing Movember into the workplace has had a huge impact on our team.

In the construction industry, health and safety is paramount. We always talk about how important it is that everyone gets home safe at the end of each workday.

Movember has helped us evolve to consider mental health as part of that equation and we have definitely seen more open conversations.

Everything you need to Mo like a pro

When it comes to planning your fundraiser and getting your workplace on board, we've got you covered. Our tools & resources will help you knock it out of the park.

  • A toolkit for Team Captains
  • Pointers for getting support from management
  • Tips for hosting events & putting out workplace communications
  • A guide especially for the Mo Sisters
  • Case studies & more

Want to jumpstart your workplace fundraiser?

Fill out your details and someone from our fundraising team will get in touch to set you up.

They’ll provide guidance, tips and fundraising resources that help you engage the whole workplace this Movember.

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Where the money goes

The funds you raise will take on the most pressing issues when it comes to men's health.

Learn more about the causes Movember supports and the important work you enable us to fund.


Men's health

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are dying too young. The funds you raise are taking on some of the biggest issues impacting men’s health:


Our impact

Since 2003, we have built a men's health movement, funding over 1,320 projects around the world. We call it challenging the status quo – shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men.

Get started

Ready to go? Sign up and start your workplace fundraiser today.