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Mo Your Own Way

There are many ways to support The Order of Mo. That’s why we have Mo Your Own Way. Climb a mountain, break a personal best, quit a bad habit for a month or take on a dare for men’s health. Do it your way and you won’t go wrong.


How to Mo in four easy steps


1. Sign up

Ready to become one with the Mo? Sign up online or download the Movember app. Then choose Mo Your Own Way.


2. Set up your profile

Once you’re in, you’ll land on your Mo Space. It’s your public profile where your supporters follow everything you do for men’s health. Set your fundraising target. Make your motivation known. Upload a selfie. Then share it all over the place.


3. Set up your own challenge

Make it true to you. If that’s a physical test, connect your fitness app to your Mo Space. Or, if it’ll leave a trail of double takes on the street or the office, have someone nearby ready to hit record.



The Order of Mo is the world’s least secret society. So let the world know what you’re doing. Share your Mo Space and ask for donations in real life. Every donation makes a difference.

Why Mo Your Own Way for Movember?

Men are dying before their time. But you can help us change and save lives.

You call the shots

There are many ways to better men’s health. And if you believe doing your own thing is it, we're 100% getting behind you.

Become friends with fearlessness

Mo Your Own Way is your hall pass to embrace the weird, wild and unexpected. So go all-out. And remember: donations favor the brave.

Raise funds. Save lives.

The money you raise will fund game-changing men’s health projects. And help us take on mental health, suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Hear from the Movember community

Before doing Movember, I never would have dressed up as a hot dog to a UCLA football game to help raise funds for men’s health, but I did. And not only was it incredible fun, but when I told people why I was doing it, I got even more donations.

Miles Marden

Over the years, I went through different fundraising ideas: bake sales, weekly auctions, raffles, painting commissions, video production, social media pushes and more. They each had different levels of success – and came with wildly varying levels of stress. I ended up settling on a fundraiser that’s fun, rewarding, and easy to organise – painting with my moustache.

Henry Myers

I wanted to do something that had never been done before, in order to inspire men to feel confident in sharing their own mental health journey. The idea was to create a short film involving swimming underneath an iceberg in Greenland wearing only a pair of Sheath Underwear – no oxygen tank, no mask and no wetsuit. All while being exposed to the coldest water on Earth.

Luke Adams

I may not have the luxury of growing a moustache in Movember, but I’m capable of making jokes during my stand-up show to bring joy and start conversations. So, I’ll continue to do that during Movember and beyond.

Simon Delsisle

Don't want to Mo Your Own Way?

No problem. You’ve got loads of options.

A black and white photo of a man jumping in skies while wearing a full rabbit suit. The words "MO YOUR OWN WAY" are superimposed.

Grow a Mo

Turn your facial hair into a force for good. Grow a Mo, raise funds, start conversations and help fund life-changing men’s health projects.

A black and white photo of a man jumping in skies while wearing a full rabbit suit. The words "MO YOUR OWN WAY" are superimposed.

Move for Mental Health

Run or walk 60 miles over the month. That’s 60 miles for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour across the world.

A black and white photo of a man enjoying a party. The word "HOST" is superimposed.

Host a Mo-Ment

The Order of Mo loves a gathering, secret or not. So get your favorite people around for a good time – and a good cause.

The Order of Mo’s guide to Mo Your Own Way

Mo Your Own Way is a tradition that goes back to the dawn of Movember. And all the tips, tricks and wisdom around it are gathered right here in this convenient PDF.

Download it now and all The Order of Mo’s best, most creative, wild and unexpected ideas will be right in the palm of your hands.


More ways to crush your fundraising



The official Movember app is loaded with features. Get it from the App Store and Google Play.



Serious about changing the face of men’s health? We've got guides and resources to help you smash your fundraising goals.



Forget boring team-building activities. Here’s how to really have fun at work – while doing a heap of good for men’s health.



Movember rocks harder when you’re in a team. A team makes a bigger impact. And that means more much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health. Now’s the time to join a team or start your own.

Where the money goes

The funds you raise will take on the most pressing issues when it comes to men's health. Learn more about the causes Movember supports and the important work you enable us to fund.

A black and white photo of a man jogging. The word "MOVE" is superimposed.

Men's health

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are dying too young. The funds you raise are taking on some of the biggest issues impacting men’s health:

A black and white photo of a man jogging. The word "MOVE" is superimposed.

Our impact

Since 2003, we have built a men's health movement, funding over 1,320 projects around the world. We call it challenging the status quo – shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men.

Ready to go?

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