Prizes & Rewards

International Mo Awards

Local Prizes & Rewards - 2016

$50 Draw

Those who raised $50 and joined the Progressive Mos and Motos network went into the draw to win a custom-built motorcycle.

Platinum Club

For Mo Bros & Mo Sistas who raised over $1000 during Movember 2016.

Best Mo Space

The winner was chosen from a selection of the highest rated Mo Space pages from 2016.  

The Mo Mo

In recognition of the individual who raised the most money during Movember 2016.


The winner of the Big Moustache on Campus prize is the university student who raised the most money in Movember 2016. 

Team Mo (11 or more)

The team (with 11 or more members) that raised the most money in 2016.

Team Mo (10 or less)

The team (10 or less members) who raised the highest amount of money in 2016.