October 10th, 2017

SmartyPants believes that taking care of your health is super manly. That's why they're selling the most delicious supplements on Earth to support Movember.

Partner Spotlight: SmartyPants
SmartyPants believes that taking care of your health is super manly. That’s why this year they've partnered with the Movember foundation to increase awareness in Mo' people about Men’s mental and physical health.  

As a part of SmartyPants’ commitment to make the world a happier, healthier place, they're be making a donation to the Movember Foundation for every bottle of Men’s Mo Complete sold in order to aid Movember in the shared fight to increase discussion around Men’s health topics.  

Founded in 2010, SmartyPants is a leading premium supplement company dedicated to creating comprehensive and thoughtful products that put the priorities of customers first. SmartyPants is all about simplifying health without sacrificing quality or deliciousness. They're focused on real-world solutions. That’s why they’ve created the most delicious supplements on earth, using premium, thoughtfully selected ingredients, including the nutrients hardest to get from food alone. Help yourself, and help Mo Bros everywhere, every day.  

You can find your bottle of SmartyPants Men’s MoComplete online at Amazon or at a Target near you.