October 31st, 2015

Harry's Corner Shop barber Rudy Milian on growing and grooming your ideal moustache

Growing the Mo of Your Dreams
Rudy Milian began cutting hair in the hallway (and on the rooftop) of the building where he grew up in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Before opening his own baseball-themed shop in 1993 – “The Yankee Clipper” – he cut his teeth at Astor Place Barber – at that time the largest barbershop in the world. He later did ‘dos for celebrity clients in Miami (think Sylvester Stallone, Shaquille O’Neal) before returning to NY as an in-house barber for Goldman Sachs. 

Needless to say, Rudy knows his Mo’s. Today he comes to us on behalf of Harry’s to give some pointers on how to care for your moustache. 

Styling tips - how to cut it, wax it, etc.
  • Your moustache is just that: your moustache. How you cut, wax, & style it really depends on a few things: the length and texture of your hair, the shape of your face, and the style you want to achieve. One tip I can offer is that the two ends should always be trimmed and cut at the edge of your lip corners.

The best moustaches for your face
  • You can’t go wrong with a standard well-trimmed thick moustache.

Rudy’s favorite celebrity moustaches of all time
  • Bill Skinner - Most famous champion of Javelin @ University of Tennessee 
  • Jim "Catfish" Hunter - MLB Pitcher
  • Steve Harvey - Comedian
  • Captain Hook - Fictional Pirate / Peter Pan
  • Tom Selleck - Hollywood Actor 

Top 5 Grooming Products
Tips for getting a celebrity lookalike moustache
  • Come to the shop with 1 month of facial hair growth and make sure to bring a photo of the celebrity ‘stache you want . Keep in mind, though: the moustache, much like a haircut, will probably look a little different on you than it does in the picture. It is your job to make it your own. 

Beginner growing guide for guys who’ve never grown a moustache before
  • This might sound obvious, but the most important factor in growing a moustache is the hair. You’ve got to have enough hair to mold the moustache how you want it to look. You can always trim down, so I always say, the more meat on the bone, the better.