October 5th, 2015

This grooming kit from Birchbox Man has all the ingredients for a trim and tidy Movember

The Movember Survival Kit
As any Mo Bro can attest, a month of moustache growing is no easy feat: it demands daily care and maintenance, not to mention an epic shave down on the 1st of the month. To help Mo Bros worldwide (and the people who love them) have a pleasant and pain-free Movember, Birchbox Man has assembled a lineup of grooming essentials, dubbed the Movember Survival Kit.

Each box contains everything you need for daily Movember maintenance, from shaving cream and shave oil to an exclusive Movember razor. Best of all, Birchbox Man is donating $25,000 directly to the cause, so you can look good and feel good with one simple purchase. So without further ado, let's meet the all-star roster:

Harry's - Movember Limited Edition Truman Razor
With five German-steel blades and a flexible head, this razor ensures a smooth, comfortable shave, without the risk of nicks and cuts. It also features a hefty, ergonomic handle for maximum control, and a handsome lacquered finish with exclusive Movember design.

Brother's Artisan Oil - Shave Oil
In shaving, and in life, preparation is half the battle. A pre-shave oil will soften tough hairs to make them easier to cut, producing a smoother finish and fewer ingrown hairs. Just massage a few drops into your scruff before applying shave cream (and get some in your moustache to keep it soft and shiny too). 

PRORASO - Shaving Cream
We know you have a choice in shave cream, so we didn't pull punches on this one. With a heritage dating to 1930, PRORASO has been doling out super-smooth shaves since your granddad was still in diapers. This formula provides a protective buffer along with a brisk, tingly kick— courtesy of eucalyptus and menthol. 

Ursa Major - 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic
You may not be familiar with toner, but it's one of the most powerful additions to your shaving routine. Not only does it soothe irritation and keep skin healthy, but it helps prevent ingrown hairs by clearing out gunk and shave cream that can clog up your pores. Plus, this formula is made in the woods of Vermont with all-natural ingredients (your rugged Mo would approve).

DTRT - Dear Matt Lotion
We all enjoy the nostalgia of our fathers' aftershave splash, but those alcohol-based formulas actually dry out your skin. For a better post-shave experience, try a moisturizing lotion instead. This one taps sage and peppermint extract to soothe and hydrate skin, while sucking up excess oil to help cut down on shine. 

So there you have it, gentlemen: your official Movember "A" team. Visit Birchbox.com/Movember to pick up a kit of your own, and to browse growing tips and styling tutorials to help you grow your finest Mo yet.