December 2nd, 2014

The Honest Company and its founders jumped on board with Movember this year to create remarkable experiences for their employees.

The Honest Co.

There are many ways to get your company involved in Movember, but never before have we seen an approach taken like The Honest Company to rock the moustache. As it says on their website, The Honest Company’s mission is to educate, inspire, and fulfill the promise of creating a healthy and sustainable future for our children. This Movember, the entire company wore its mission across its upper lips as part of their social Goodness initiative. That’s right – Honest successfully signed up 100% of their employee force across all their offices. Here is how Honest went about executing one of the most innovative employee campaigns we have ever seen:
Registration Strategy
Finding internal champions is critical to any Movember office campaign – and who better to take the lead than the upper lips of the executives at the office? That is exactly what Honest did when they setup four main teams that were captained by Co-Founder Jessica Alba, Co-Founder Christopher Gavigan, CEO Brian Lee, and COO Sean Kane. Behind their fearless leaders in moustache, 328 total employees joined the four teams and competed against each other in a fundraising challenge in the Honest Movember Network, collectively raising over $48,000 for Movember, with donations still coming in!
Engaging Employees & Fundraising
Asking employees to raise funds for a cause can always be a little tricky, and Honest had recently engaged in an employee giving campaign as part of a triathlon the company participated in. Instead of asking their employees to tap their personal networks again, the Honest leadership team committed budget up front to encourage employees to participate in healthy activities to raise funds to support their personal Mo Space pages. For instance, if an employee participated in their office Moga (also known as Yoga) event or their Go-Team Time mini-golf event, the company made a donation to that employee’s Mo Space page. Outside of events, they rewarded employees for answering men’s health trivia, taking Mo selfies, recruiting friends and family to sign up for Movember, and finding hidden moustaches around the office. As a result, 87% of employees raised at least $1 for Movember...and they got active and educated themselves about men’s health in the process!
We are incredibly grateful for, and impressed by, the efforts of The Honest Co. They took their commitment to the moustache and men’s health to the next level, and for that we thank them with a twist of the moustache on a job well done!