October 9th, 2014

5 Questions in the Barber Chair with Dave Harper of Vittoria Coffee

Mo Bro Spotlight

Five questions in the barber chair with…

Dave Harper, Mo Bro heading up Vittoria Coffee in the US

1. How are you connected to Movember & Co.?

I work for Vittoria Coffee and we proudly serve our coffee in the Movember and Co. barbershop. Vittoria is a 3rd generation family business with strong ties to charity in Australia. When we set up in the US we were very excited to get together with Movember to generate, activate, and caffeinate the community. 

2. Who has your favorite iconic moustache?

Tom Selleck. His Mo is timeless and pairs well with waterfalls and sandwiches, if you don’t know what I’m referring to, Google it and thank me later. 

3. Can you remember a moment when your perception of men’s health changed?

I had kidney stones at age 27. I’d had two shoulder reconstructions and the medication from that helped them form. I learned how valuable health was and started to consider food as fuel rather than just food. I started looking at the consequences of my actions and how I could improve myself in general. 

4.What’s one of the most interesting men’s health conversations you’ve ever had?

Understanding how worry and stress can affect you in significant physical ways. I worry and think too much. I’m now actively trying to be more present and conscious so as to perform better and be happier. I seem to be having this conversation more and more and learning every time. 

5. What are you looking forward to about Movember 2014?

Firstly, I’m hoping my Mo will have grown from my rather pitiful effort last year…I’m not a hairy guy. Secondly, I’m excited to be able to contribute more to Movember this year through Vittoria’s association with Movember 2014. We think it is an amazing cause and men are often so uneducated about the issues they face or too macho to address them. I want to do my bit to educate men and help us all get a better understanding of how to look after each other and ourselves.  

Bonus style tip from Dave:  You can never look too smart. (His dad told him that)

If you are in Los Angeles, make an appointment at the Movember & Co. barbershop (310) 841-6679to get a cut, a Vittoria coffee and have a conversation about men’s health. 

Movember & Co. barbershop