June 13th, 2020

The Best Dadvice I Ever Got?

Get a Maglite.

“I remember my dad had one Maglite in his office and one in his car, he’s a principal in a high school, and even as a kid, there was something cool about getting to walk the dark halls after hours and carry the Maglite, and knowing that no matter what, it would work. Now I’m 21 and live in Florida and used one of his Maglites during a hurricane and decided finally that I need to keep one of my own in my car, since they are hurricane proof!! I’m 21, and I suspect that my son will be stealing my Maglite when he’s 21.”

Movember isn’t shy about our love for Maglite. We don’t just see it as a flashlight, but as a light of passage. Passed down from generations, Maglite’s reputation for outstanding performance and durability speaks for itself over the years. It stands the test of time, just like the best advice from Dad.

Do you remember the time that you and your Dad needed to go fix the pipe under the sink when you clogged the drain with your 6th grade science project? Or how about when you got a flat tire at night and Dad came down to help you put the spare on? Or your first camping trip where you got lost and had to set up the tent at night?

These are all moments that you shared with your Dad and a handy Maglite flashlight. Dad’s been there for you over the years and consistently helped you out when you were in need. Movember wants to celebrate him with you this year and help Dads live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

This Father’s Day, honor the men in your life with a limited edition Movember Survival MAGLITE. 10% of net sales from each product sold will help Movember develop innovative, breakthrough research and support programs year-round for men’s health.

Help change the face of men’s health with a meaningful gift for Dad at Maglite.com.