October 24th, 2016

Our 2016 Partners Trumaker and Uppercut Deluxe offer a few styling tips to make your hirsute pursuit a bit more stylish.

Keeping it Neat with Trumaker and Uppercut Deluxe
So you’re embarking on a noble endeavor, growing a moustache to support Movember. As official partners of the 2016 Movember campaign, Trumaker and Uppercut Deluxe are here to offer a few tips to make your hirsute pursuit a bit more stylish.

Trumaker’s Tips on Moustaches:

  1. Pick a moustache style that works for you. You know how quickly your hair grows, what color it is, how thick it grows in, etc. So, plan accordingly. Don’t try for a handlebar if you know you’ve never been able to connect that little spot between the moustache and the goatee. 
  2. Consider wearing a 5 o’clock shadow. If you can get away with it at your office, the 5 o’clock shadow can add a tough guy element to your moustache look, to keep you more old-timey prize fighter, and less Ned Flanders.

On style and menswear:

  1. Good fit accentuates your unique shape. A great fit doesn’t automatically mean tight or close to the body. The right fit for you should accentuate your shape, not make you look like encased meats.
  2. You don’t have to yell about it. At Trumaker, we say don’t let your clothes speak louder than your own voice. Unique expression doesn’t have to mean dressing loud, or like a peacock. Great fit, tasteful colors, and the occasional unique accessory or detail can go a long way.
  3. Maybe now’s the time to try something new: moustache season is a good opportunity to test the waters. If you don’t usually wear a moustache, you’re probably already venturing outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you finally try that shawl collar cardigan and complete that classic Hemingway-esque look.
  4. One fashion mistake we hate is mixing your fits—so baggy pants with a very fitted shirt. You are not MC Hammer. Or, a very baggy shirt on top of tight pants, which makes you look extra top-heavy. It’s about balance and proportion. Try to keep it consistent across all elements of your fit.
  5. A simple tip to make dressing well easy: Stock up on neutrals and basics, especially with your pants. If most of your pants are neutral or basic, like grey, khaki, navy, or black, matching with almost any color of top is really easy. 

To keep your own personal style on track all year long, all Movember fundraisers will be eligible for Trumaker gifts valued at $50.

Uppercut’s Hair Styling Tips: The Side-Part Pompadour

Your Movember look doesn’t have to stop at the moustache (nor the outfit)—bring the whole picture together with a slick hairdo that offers you a distinctive, gentlemanly look.
  1. Using a hair dryer and an Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller, brush your hair to the shape of your finished style. Make sure to dry the fringe area with upward strokes and along your parting
  2. Using Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold, scoop a generous amount of product onto your finger
  3. Smooth and spread the product evenly across your palms and fingers
  4. Start by using your fingertips, gently apply product along your parting making sure to form a sharp parting
  5. Next, drag your fingertips through your fringe from front to back, lifting as you go
  6. Using your palms, smooth product into your sides
  7. Using an Uppercut Deluxe Comb, lift your fringe and form the shape of your pomp. Set using your hands
  8. Finally, comb your sides into place

Whether you want to try on the pompadour or another style, wear it with confidence, and don’t forget that Uppercut Deluxe is offering a full suite of male grooming products with 15% of proceeds benefitting Movember.