November 22nd, 2015

Make sure your family knows why you Mo when you reunite for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will come together with their families and friends to enjoy some delicious food and good company. While you may be able to hide the wrapper on that store-bought pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving falls on week four of Movember, so there’s no way Mo Bros will be able to hide those Movember Mo’s– so embrace your face! Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to explain Movember to your family, start conversations around men’s health, and raise a few more donations. We’re here to help you with some ways to explain your Mo to each member of your family.

For your Grandma: Make sure your moustache is well-groomed and styled to perfection. Grandma won’t have a problem with it if her favorite grandson is looking handsome– especially if it’s for a great cause! She might even be so impressed that she’ll write you a check to support your growth. Thanks, Grandma!

For your skeptical cousin: Your family may be unaware that Movember is a real moustache-growing charity. Be prepared with proof from– the Movember community has raised over $650 million to date and funded over 1,000 men’s health programs in 21 countries. The stats speak for themselves that you are participating in an organization that’s truly changing the face of men’s health.

For your siblings: Let your brother or sister crack all the moustache jokes they want to…just let them know that all wisecracks (and compliments) are gladly accepted for a $5 donation.

For your Uncle: Have a hard time starting a conversation with your uncle Bob? Find some common ground by getting him to get out of the house to MOVE. Start a game of touch football before dinner, or challenge him to a quick jump rope competition with your new RPM speed rope.

For your friends: When you’re having a night out with your hometown friends, a moustache is the perfect icebreaker to start a conversation about Movember and men’s health. Whip out the Movember mobile app and let them join or donate to your efforts.

For your Dad: Use your Mo to its full potential and strike up a conversation with your parents about men’s health. Ask Dad about your full family health history and encourage him, and all the men in your family, to get regular check-ups. Share what you know about prostate cancer and provide some tips to staying in good shape.

For your Mom: Mom may want you to be clean-shaven for the annual family photo, but this is your time to shine! Keep the conversation flowing with Mom about your family health history, and learn about your maternal kinfolk. Once she knows why you are growing, no doubt your Mom will be happy to pardon your Mo so that you can change the face of men’s health. And you’ll be able to spread Movember cheer year-round once your MO-ments are immortalized in a photo.

If you are passionate about Movember and confident with your new Mo, your family will support your look. Who knows, you might even make it into the platinum club this year with their help, or encourage others to participate with you next year. Never fear, you have the power of the Mo with you this holiday season.