Platinum Club

Membership into the Platinum Club is awarded to any Mo Bro or Mo Sista who raised over $1,000. Hit the milestone and you’re in.


Destination Platinum is a milestone for those who have stayed focused, fought hard and raised over $1,000 whilst flying the flag for men’s health. 
So, for the goal-orientated members of Gen Mo, the Platinum Prize is something you might want to march towards this year. 
As a sign of gratitude, Movember would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who reach Platinum status in 2013. It takes effort, it takes courage and it takes commitment. We’re truly grateful and hope the gift of a Generation Mo flag will act as a mark of our appreciation. 
The Gen Mo flag will be a life long reminder of the fact that you were part of Generation Moustache, you pledged allegiance to the Mo and, alongside a global army, cranked up the volume, made some noise for men’s health and made a difference.