October 26th, 2015

Are you ready to shave down? Check out why Mo Bro Donovan is shaving off his longtime beard to support Movember.

Mo Bro Spotlight: Donovan Golden
Donovan Golden is your modern day man’s man. He’s a loving husband, awesome Dad to three (soon to be four) children, an active leader within the community, and founding member of a company that helps businesses bring their stories to life through animated video. His connection to men’s health is a personal one. With a background in psychology and experience working with men and youth struggling with mental health issues, Donovan didn’t think twice about giving up his epic four-year beard to participate in Movember and help lead Progressive’s Mos & Motos Network. 
Read more about why Donovan is passionate about supporting men’s health in this one on one interview:
How long have you had your beard?
I’ve had facial hair for a solid 4.5 years - minus one day where I shaved it due to a job interview (the position was offered to me but I turned it down, in part because I wouldn’t be able to have a beard). My beard meant so much to me before that sad day I shaved it for the job interview that I made a little time-lapse video (it’s not great, but the music is awesome!) which can be found here. My youngest son hadn’t seen me without a beard until Flo’s Chop Shop - he literally hid under a table when he saw me for the first time without a beard.

Talk about your connection to men’s health - how has it affected you?
The answer here is multi-faceted. Both of my grandpas aren’t in the best shape/health that they could be. One had cancer and the other has diabetes. My dad has had high blood pressure and heart problems for as long as I can remember. And, I’m terrified I’ll have those same issues. And, my undergrad work was in psychology. So, not only have I seen the physical side of men’s health issues, but also the mental side. For 10 years I worked in different non-profits that put me in the same room as men and teenage boys that had mental issues. I also saw how tough it was on families that were fatherless. With all that said, men’s health is important to me because I believe our culture needs healthy (both physically and mentally) men to be good husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and friends.
Why are you interested in participating in Movember?

Movember has found a brilliant and fun way to bring awareness and raise money for men’s health. I want to participate to play my part, raise some funds, and talk to people about it. But, I also want to get healthier through the process. I want to do the MOVE challenge, lose some weight, and start feeling better about myself. I want to set some natural rhythms in November through the MOVE challenge that will extend well beyond that one month. And, I want to inspire other dudes to do the same.

What type of moustache will you be growing this Movember and why?
I’m going to aim high and shoot for “The Extended Walrus.” Nothing more manly than a giant moustache named after a giant animal that’s rather terrifying. Definitely going for that. And, as a side note - my fourth child (third man child) will be born the second week of November. All of our family pictures of his birth will now include me sans beard and with The Extended Walrus. This will always be remembered in the Golden Family!