September 15th, 2015

Here's how to create a fun and remarkable experience to celebrate Movember

Hosting a Movember Event
Events can serve a number of purposes in Movember campaigns. They can build Movember awareness, drive registrations, help with fundraising, and create a fun and remarkable experience for those that attend. Here’s a list of some common events that could work well for you this Movember.

Sign-Up Event
  • Headshot Power Hour: Invite friends or coworkers to a central spot to sign up and take your “before” headshots. 
  • Big Boss Bounty: Find that one executive who will agree to sign up and grow a moustache if a certain number of employees sign up by Nov. 1st. 
Fundraising Event 
  • Mo Sales: Set up a portrait station for donations, sell lemonade in high traffic areas, create a shirt for your team as a gift for donation, or go online and create your own baseball card as a gift for donation. 
  • The Auction Approach: auction off your Mo style rights, Mo dyeing rights, or your Mo naming rights.
  • Rock a Raffle: The Mo Bro's & Mo Sista's of our community are incredibly talented... think of all the ways you can use your talents (Grill Master, Yacht Captain, Softball Team Ringer) and use them in a raffle.
MOVE Event
  • Host a run club or rock a stair challenge if you work at a high-rise. 
  • Do a little MOGA at your local studio. 
  • Take over a group workout class like spin, boxing, or CrossFit... shoot, with the power of the Mo, you can even rock a dance class. 
  • Kickball or dodgeball tournaments are always encouraged. 
Mo Party 
  • Host a Shave the Date event to kick off the month clean-shaven. 
  • A little Chili Cook Off always looks good in the moustache. 
  • Take over your favorite pub for a happy hour or get a chef’s table for dinner– ask them for a donation for bringing a bunch of people down. 
  • Fashion show... 'nuff said.