September 15th, 2015

Can't grow a Mo? Mo Sista's can still make a big impact in Movember

How to be a Mo Sista
What is a Mo Sista?
Women who participate in Movember (called Mo Sista's) are dedicated to supporting the men in their lives by promoting the importance of men’s health. Mo Sista's sign up, start a team, commit to MOVE, and fundraise– they do everything Mo Bro's do, they just don’t grow a Mo! Mo Sista's are champions of Movember, rallying the men in their lives to join the movement, grow moustaches, stay active for the month with MOVE, and have important conversations about men’s health.

The Importance of the Mo Sista
Women tend to be the gateway to health in a man’s life– whether it’s a mother or daughter, wife, girlfriend or pal. Women lead by example, and it’s the women’s health movement that Movember is emulating. Studies have shown that men are less likely to talk about their health, let alone take action. Women play an important role in helping men break down the barriers that surround those simple health conversations and can be the catalyst in getting men to MOVE and stay active during the month.

How to Get Involved as a Mo Sista
  • Sign-up at as a team captain & start recruiting a team, or join an existing team. 
  • Commit to MOVE, which is Movember’s challenge to men & women alike to get active for the 30 days of the month of November. This could be going to run clubs, yoga, spin classes– and of course bring your favorite Mo Bro with you. 
  • Rock some moustache apparel during the month...the Movember Collection is available for purchase on
  • Start the conversation! If you see a guy during the month of November sporting a moustache, walk right up to him and ask him if he is sporting his Mo for Movember. A men’s health conversation is guaranteed to happen as a result of that interaction! 
  • Set some fundraising goals and be very targeted with your fundraising requests. Two key things to remember when fundraising: start things off by donating to yourself, and always engage in public displays of affection by thanking people who donate to you on social media.

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