November 22nd, 2014

Here are some tips to introduce your family to your new moustache this Thanksgiving.

Giving Mo Thanks

As you book your flight home and dream of turkey legs and home cooking, you start to wonder, “Is there room at the table for my Mo this Thanksgiving?” By now your moustache may be one step away from Tom Selleck’s, or it could be mistaken for a shadow on your upper lip – it doesn’t matter – let your family know that this Thanksgiving, you are thankful for your moustache.

Like introducing someone new to the family, you should be prepared with answers for the typical questions. How long have you guys been together? What attracted you to each other? How serious is this (you brought your Mo to Thanksgiving after all)? We’re here to help you out with some ways to tell every member of your family about you and your Mo. 

For the parents: As the people you want to impress the most, this may be tough. Let you dad know you’re growing your Mo to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, then encourage him to be proactive about his health. Let your mom know you won’t be shaving it for the family photo, but that you are growing it for charity. No doubt you’ll make mom proud once she hears what your moustache is all about.

For the siblings: Let your siblings know that their jokes about your Mo come with a price tag this year. Each time they comment on it (good or bad!), tell them you’ll gladly accept a $5 donation

For your grandparents: They may not even recognize you with your Mo! They’ll want a better look at you, so make sure your moustache is groomed and ready for its close up. They’ll be so impressed by their thoughtful grandson, they will surely want to donate to support your efforts. Let them know how they can donate to you, hint: we accept checks.

For your friends: Since you may see these hometown friends only over holidays, we suggest you get together and MOVE with a fun game of touch football in the neighborhood before dinner with your family.  

Now that your Mo has been properly introduced to everyone, remember what this holiday is all about. Give thanks to your donors with a personal call, message or email for helping you change the face of men’s health. Your family will see how passionate you are and help you reach your fundraising goals in the home stretch. Maybe next Thanksgiving you’ll see more Mo’s around the table!