November 5th, 2014

Dedicated Mo Bros and Mo Sistas dominated the NYC Marathon’s 26.2 miles in the name of men’s health.

NYC Marathon Recap

On Sunday, Movember 2, the Movember Athletics Club, made up of more than 20 runners from five different countries, took part in the world’s largest and most famous marathon. Through all five boroughs, these runners braved howling winds and cold temperatures in the name of men’s health.

The runners’ race day began early on Staten Island. Though the race has a relatively late start, runners are still required to take a ferry or bus to the island and wait (and wait, and wait…) until their corral starts. Across the Verrazano Bridge they make their way into Brooklyn where the cheering crowds await them. Through Brooklyn and into Queens, the runners made their way through the first half of the race. Into Manhattan at mile 15, straight up First Avenue into Harlem, then back down Fifth Avenue and through Central Park, these freshly shorn Mo Bros (and two brave Mo Sistas) ran the world’s most famous distance – 26.2 miles – on behalf of Movember and men’s health.

These runners came from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Ireland and around the US. To date they’ve already raised over $40,000, and the month has only begun. Each came with his or her own story, own connection to men’s health and cancer, yet all were united under the flag of the Movember Athletics Club, making their determined journey personal.

We want to thank each of these runners, their families, friends and loved ones (many of whom were on the course cheering them along) for their passion and dedication to Movember. Through MOVE we encourage our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to get more active, but these Mo’s took it a step further (or 30,000) and pushed it to the absolute limit for Movember. United we Mo!

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