November 19th, 2017

Give your moustache the introduction it deserves... 

How to bring your moustache to Thanksgiving dinner
This Thanksgiving, you and your moustache will be put in a lot of interesting situations. Perhaps you’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time, or you’re in charge of cooking the perfect turkey? Maybe you’re just trying to convince your parents that you actually have your life together. Whatever situation you and your Mo are put through, we’re here to help you make sure you and your Mo don’t forget the mission – raising funds and awareness for men’s health. 

Here are a few tips to help give your Mo make a great impression this Thanksgiving: 
  1. Keep it neat: We know thanksgiving dinner is delicious, but no one wants to see last night’s turkey in your moustache! Make sure your moustache is clean, well-groomed and styled to perfection. Grandma might even be so impressed that she’ll write you a check to support your growth! 
  2. Power up the app: When you’re having a night out with your hometown friends, your moustache is the perfect icebreaker to start a conversation about Movember and men’s health. Whip out the Movember mobile app and let them join or donate to your efforts. 
  3. Ask about your moustache lineage: Mom may want you to be clean-shaven for the annual family photo, but now is your time to shine! Use your Mo to ask your parents about your mustachioed ancestors – maybe you’ll even look at some pics for some added Mo-spiration! Maybe you will even inspire dad to grow his own back and create his own Mo Space
  4. Sport your swag: The Movember collection is full of cool, cozy clothes and accessories to wear post-Thanksgiving feast. Show off your Movember swag with pride! Your brother might be so jealous he’ll buy his own (instead of stealing yours, just this once). 
  5. Get Moving: We know some dinner table conversations with Uncle Bob can be a little uncomfortable. Find some common ground by getting him to get out of the house to Move. Start a game of flag football or set up an obstacle course. Just make sure they know that winner gets to donate to – now that’s a great prize! 
  6. Know your facts: Your family may be unaware that Movember is a real moustache-growing charity. Be prepared with proof from – the Movember community has raised over $769 million and funded over 1,200 men’s health programs in 21 countries. Ask Dad about your full family health history and encourage him, and all the men in your family, to get regular check-ups. Share what you know about prostate cancer and provide some tips to staying in good shape. 
  7. Prepare some Mo trivia: Pick up the lull in any conversation by throwing out some Mo fun facts from our moustachery page. For example, did your family know that Salvador Dalí once published a book dedicated solely to his moustache? Probably not. 
  8. Does your significant other know that men with moustaches are more attractive? Okay, they probably knew that. 
If you are passionate about Movember and confident with your new Mo, your family will support your look. Who knows, you might even make it into the platinum club this year with their help, or encourage others to participate with you next year.

Never fear, you have the power of the Mo with you this holiday season.

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