October 17th, 2016

We’ve made it easier than ever for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to register epic Movember events or find one in their area.

Host an Event
This year, we’ve made it easier than ever for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas all over the world to get involved by Hosting their own events or finding events happening around them. After all, the joy and the spirit of moustache season wouldn’t exist without our global community gathering to properly mark the occasion.  

Host the Event of Your Dreams 

  • The sky is the limit for the kind of event you can Host. A shave down kick-off event? An office happy hour? An epic end of the month costume party? Check out our event guide for more inspiration—just make sure it’s fun, safe, and done in the true spirit of Movember.
  • Don’t forget that Movember is the month to Move— no Move is too big or too small. Get your fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas involved in anything from a wacky relay race to a Ping-Pong tournament or a charity yoga class.

Get it Registered!

  • Register your event once you’ve logged in to your Mo Space. You’ll be able to fill out all the information guests will need to know, make it splashy with a header image, and include an address that will be automatically pinned to a map for page visitors.
  • Don’t forget to include a suggested donation amount so you can start raking in some of that good Mo dough. You can also opt to have people RSVP so you can plan accordingly, and set the page on “Limited View” if you don’t want it to be publicly searchable but still want to share the link.

Get Your Community on Board

  • Make sure you’ve got your Movember elevator pitch down—we’re trying to stop men dying too young, and people want to know why you care about the cause. If you plan to grab the mic and drop some serious men’s health knowledge, study up on what the Movember Foundation does and why. Screen a video, or pass around a one-pager.

Bring On the Party Favors.

  • Not only do we have some of the coolest swag on the block, but we’ve got a fundraising gear section with all kinds of goodies to bring your event to the next level. Tip boxes, stickers and pins, even bona fide judging sashes for your all-important moustache pageant—we’ve got everything you need for a party your guests will never forget. 


  • Email your contacts, post on Facebook, and tweet your tweeple. Spread the message far and wide and don’t forget to remind people what it’s all about. Don’t forget to tag #Movember and #MoveforMovember on social media. 

See What Else is Cookin’

Not sure you want to Host your own event, or just want to cram in as much partying as you can? Head to our Events page to look at what’s happening in your area. Our amazing 2016 Partners are throwing some spectacular events and activations across the country all month long:
  • Our friends at SoFar Sounds will be hosting an intimate, exclusive concert on Giving Tuesday, Movember 29th. Hosted at the Movember US headquarters in Culver City, CA, the event will feature performances by 3 talented artists, including one high profile musician to be announced. The event will be promoted through a lottery event page on the Sofar Sounds platform where attendees can donate to win tickets—stay tuned for event updates.
  • Jameson Black Barrel is bringing the Movember movement back to where it first began: the local bar. Check out Jameson’s community event at McGreevy’s in Boston on October 20th, and enjoy some conversations about men’s health over a Jameson Black Barrel cocktail.