October 12th, 2016

So you’ve joined the world’s biggest movement for men’s health. Now what? Here are 3 things you should do before Movember 1st.

What You Need to Know Before You Mo
So you’ve joined the world’s biggest movement for men’s health. You’re at the starting line, ready to kick ass, take names and raise cash this Movember. Now what? Here are 3 things you should do before Movember 1st.

1. Get your Mo Space lookin’ good

Take a minute to deck out your fundraising page with a photo or two, add your motivation and set a fundraising target for the month. A completed Mo Space is like a well-groomed Mo: it makes everything better.

2. Know what you’re going to do

No matter how you’re doing Movember, get yourself going on the right foot.

Growing a Mo? Grow it right.
There are only a few rules in Movember, but they’re vital.
Rule 1: Start clean-shaven on Movember 1st. 
Rule 2: No beards, no goatees. We're all about the Mo.
For the rest, check out The Rules

Set your sights on a Mo style. Are you confident you can outdo Selleck himself? Or shooting for a modest Wisp?

Your moustache is your hairy billboard for the month of Movember, so get a little creative. Sacrifice a beard, dye your Mo, auction it off to the highest donor: the more eyes on your Mo, the better. Get inspired with all the ways to take your moustache to the next level.

Taking the Move challenge? Start your warm-up
Your Move challenge is whatever you make it. No matter what you do, it’s all about getting active, trying something new and raising funds for men’s health. Do something big, brave, or slightly outrageous. Need inspiration? Check out more ways to Move here

Post your challenge loud and proud on your Mo Space to get everyone excited about what you’re up to this Movember.

Hosting an Event? Get the party started
When it comes to events, anything goes. No matter what your idea, the party planning begins now. We’ve got inspiration and tips to help you out.

Take a look at events in your area to join in on the fun another way.

3. Share Mo love

Ready your emails, Facebook posts, tweets, carrier pigeons: whatever it takes to get the word out. Men are dying too young, and it’s up to us to take action!

Our Spread the Word page has images you can share instantly. Your downloads page has posters and other things to print, share and post (you’ll need to be logged in to see that link). And our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts will be pumping out top-notch Mo posts all month long.

You’re now ready for the hairiest month of the year.

Looking for more Movember tips? Here’s our guide to fundraising.