October 26th, 2015

Exceed your own fundraising expectations and climb to the top of the Leaderboards. 

Leading the Way
Sure, you can grow a moustache, have a good time and strike up some conversations. But do you want to go that extra mile and leave your mark in the annals of Movember history with your fundraising efforts? Become the Mo Legend people will tell tales about for generations to come– we’ll help you get there.

Every year, our Movember Leaderboards begin filling up with remarkable individuals, teams, and networks that have risen to the top. They’ve grown, MOVED, asked, emailed, conversed, possibly begged at times, and probably worn a few ridiculous costumes, all to come out on top and raise the most money for the cause. 

And who wouldn’t want a taste of that glory?

Each year, these Mo leaders give it their all and have a chance to win incredible prizes—from ever-hip Mo Gear to a trip to Ireland

The possibilities abound:
As an Individual
  • Make the leap for the Mo Mo— awarded to the person who raises the most during Movember. Aside from winning a trip to four Barrett-Jackson collector car shows (among other fabulous prizes), you’ll be basking in the kind of afterglow that lasts a lifetime. We don’t have an entire “Mo Heroes” section of our site for nothing. 
  • Ready to go Platinum? Raise over $1,000 and you’ll cross the over  into the Mo VIP zone—our Platinum Club is the place where Mo Bros become Mo Men.
As a team
  • Everything is more fun in a group. Teams of 10 or less OR 11 or more are both eligible to win incredible swag and even a trip to party in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, thanks to our friends at Jameson Black Barrel. Power up with your best Mo Bros and Sistas, comrades, coworkers, family, and friends to take on the Team Leaderboard and become something greater than the sum of your parts.
As a Network 
  • If you believe in strength in numbers as much as we do, join networks as a team or an individual. Grow, Give and MOVE alongside other teams in a geographical region or company network to strive towards the same glorious goal. 
  • PLUS, don’t forget that a lot of company networks like Progressive and Jameson Black Barrel are matching gifts—that means join their network and the money you raise will go twice as far.

So this Movember, make a pledge to surprise yourself and go further than you ever thought possible. Eternal Mo Glory awaits…