Moustache Cup 2020


Our Motivation

Welcome to the 2020 Moustache Cup Super-Network. The Moustache Cup is a one of a kind initiative that will see some of your favorite NHL teams go head to head in a month long fundraising challenge. Join the Moustache Cup challenge now for your chance to present the winning team with the 2020 Moustache Cup Trophy. Here is how you get involved:

1. Join your favorite participating team’s fundraising NETWORK

2. Donate at least $10 to that team’s page or players to be eligible

3. If your team is the top fundraising team in the Moustache Cup Challenge AND you are the top individual fundraiser in their team's NETWORK, you will have the opportunity to present that team with the 2020 Moustache Cup.

This Challenge's distance total

36.86 mi





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Note: As donations can be made privately, not all donations are displayed to the public.