Get Involved

Whether it’s with your weekend sports team or fellow Mo Bros and Sistas at your favourite restaurant, you can help build the biggest men’s health movement in history by getting your community involved in Movember.

Every year, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raise awareness and funds for men’s health by getting involved in Movember. Starting with signing up at, Mo Bros grow and groom a moustache for 30 days, whilst Mo Sistas support their local moustaches and champion men’s health.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Sign up your team

Mo’ing is no lonely business so get you and your mates signed up and build your Mo team at Then create some team momentum by finding prizes for the best Mo of the week and getting local businesses involved.

Use your Mo Space

You can generate some hairy competition by tracking the progress of your moustaches and donations online through your team’s Mo Space, or personal Movember page.

Raise Funds

Like a charity run or ride, use your moustache and our top tips to raise funds for Movember’s prostate and testicular cancer programmes. Share your team’s Movember story through your Mo Space to encourage support and donations.

Make some noise

Your new moustache is bound to generate some attention, so use this to start conversations and raise awareness for men’s health. Make sure everyone in your team helps spread the word, whether they’re at the barber, in a café or just getting together with friends.

Host a Movember event

Hold events in your community to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. You could dress up to suit your Mo, bake moustache cookies, auction off the moustache style you will grow, or visit a local barber with your team.


At the end of Movember, look back at your efforts with pride and celebrate with fellow Mo Bros and Sistas at one of Movember’s legendary Gala Partés. If you can’t make it, host your own and award the titles of Man of Movember and Miss Movember.


Check out our favourite case studies of Movember in the community. Why not share your Movember tips and ideas by getting in touch with us on


Who better to celebrate our local theme than The Local People? Everything about The Local People screams Made in Movember. This band of free spirits have taken the rising trend in flea markets in Singapore and have given it a big shake hosting monthly markets in the most unexpected places. This year The Local People are want to spark conversations about men’s health by inviting Mo Bros and Mo Sistas down in November to sniff out locally made goods of every kind, exotic foods and some good ol' local jams, all in the name of Movember!


The barber community has always been close to the heart of Movember. Purveyors of fine moustaches, barbers around the globe have shaved, groomed, and supported Mo Bros in their quest for a game-changing moustache.

Our friends at Cut Throat Barber & Coffee in Amsterdam are a hub of hairy activity during Movember. To celebrate the start of the campaign in 2013, they hosted a shavedown in their barbershop, offering Mo Bros a chance to start the month off right with one of their signature cut-throat shaves. They encouraged newcomers to sign up on, grew some fine moustaches themselves and clocked up some fundraising to boot.