Set up a fundraising team with Movember today
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Set up a fundraising team with Movember today
31 August 2022

Top tips for setting up a Movember team

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You’ve heard the drill. Bosses say it. Coaches shout it. “We’re better together.” “There's no 'I' in Movember.” The thing is, it’s true

Movember rocks harder when you’re in a team. You have fun, build connections and strengthen camaraderie with friends, peers and colleagues. Your teammates keep you fired up. You dial the competitive you up to 11.

A team makes a bigger impact. And that means more much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health.

Now’s the time to join a team or start your own. Create a team page and rustle up some Mo Bros and Mo Sisters.


Every team needs a Captain. A legendary Movember supporter. Chief motivator. Champion recruiter. One who leads by example.

Your first responsibility is a team name. Beardless Dragons? The Hairy Marys? House of Hufflefluff? Bad Ass Stache? The Hulk Hogan Fan Club? Choose wisely. A good name makes recruiting team members easier. The bigger your crew, the bigger your impact. That’s why Oceans 13 is so much better than Oceans 12.

Never been a Movember Captain? We’ve got your back. Check out our online resources.


As a Captain, it’s smart to recruit a Co-Captain. A Rusty to your Danny. A Chewbacca to your Han. A Sonny to your Cher. You don’t have to have one, but who else will talk you down from making ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ your team song?

Choose an ally who can help you stay on the ball. One who can help you keep the group motivated. Most importantly, choose a Co-Captain whose contacts can be mined for potential team members and donors.


Been there, done that? Re-forming your previous team is easy. The contact details for those members will be on your Mo Space. Just log on to ‘my account’ then click on the ‘team’ tab.


For next-level competitiveness, you can see how you rate against teams from your country or from around the world. The leaderboards show the Mo-gress of the top teams and individuals. If you aren’t already in a team, you can ask to join one here. There’s also a leaderboard that lists extra challenges that you can sign up for.

Ready to build your dream team and change the face of men’s health?

Sign up or log in to your Mo Space to get started.