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Mo Bro Jono
19 November 2020

Your One Week To Mo Guide

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Helpful tips to boost your fundraising

There’s just about one week left of Movember 2020, but there’s still plenty of time to raise funds to help us change the face of men’s health. Check out some of our top tips to make the most of this last week:

Facebook Fundraiser – We’ve seen that people who set up Facebook fundraisers get 180% more donations that those that don’t. From your Mo Space, just scroll down to find the “Create Fundraiser on Facebook” button to create a fundraiser that syncs with your Mo Space page.

Matching Gifts – Check with your company to see if they match charitable donations, you could easily double what you donate. This goes for your donors too, have them check to see if their donation can be matched, or check our gift matching database to see if a company participates.

Host a Virtual Mo-ment – While getting together in person isn’t in the cards this year, virtual events are a great excuse to keep in touch with friends and family while raising funds for a good cause. Try a virtual escape room, trivia night or even bingo. We’ve got guides to help you from the idea to the execution.

Dares for Donations – What would you do for a donation? Take an ice bath? Run a mile? Walk around your neighborhood dressed as a hot dog? Come up with a fund incentive and get your donors to hit your target. Or you can do smaller dares for a set dollar amount each. It’s a fun way to raise funds.

Share Why You Mo – Let people know why you participate in Movember. Sharing why the cause is important to you can really encourage others to what you are doing.

Make the Ask – This one is simple, but just ask for donations! While that can be a daunting task, your friends and family likely want to support your efforts. Take it from Mo Sister Anna, “I had so much fun fundraising this week. It’s so exciting to see that people care!” If you’ve already asked, it’s ok to ask again. Sometimes people get busy and forget and just need a reminder.

Say Thank You – Another simple one, but it’s important to remember your Mo manners. Saying thank you can make someone feel that they made a difference. Public thank yous are also a great way to remind people who haven’t made donation to do so.

Giving Tuesday – The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a great day to remind people to make a donation. This year we’ve set a $1 million goal for the day, and your donors can help us achieve that. If you want more fun, some of our ambassadors are giving a portion of their fee on Cameo back to Movember. A Cameo video would be an epic way to thank your donors or make for a one of a kind holiday gift.