Movember Virtual Escape RoomImage by: Movember
14 October 2020

A Close Shave - Take on the Movember Virtual Escape Room

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We’ve all had our fair share of virtual meetings in lockdown but connecting with friends and family online is here to stay.

We all know 2020 has had its challenges, so let’s add some fun into it with the perfect way to entertain your community, have fun, and do good along the way. A Movember exclusive, immersive online escape room.  

You'll be put to the test with a challenging series of escape room-style puzzles brought to you by the team behind the most immersive online escape rooms in the world - Deadlocked Escape Rooms - and raising funds at the same time.

Arrange the date, grab a drink, and encourage your friends to make a donation to your Mo Space to play. After all, it’s about havin' fun and doin' good.  

All you need to do is:

  1. Set a date with your team
  2. Have access to a computer/laptop and a video conference software (think Zoom or Teams)
  3. Access the game for $20 here. $6.50 goes to Movember
  4. Ask for a donation from your friends to play. It’s for men’s health after all

Want to know more? It's the start of Movember, and everyone in the office is taking it just as seriously as ever. The plan is to start fresh-faced at midnight, all meeting at T's annual halloween party - even though it's online this year - it's bound to be legendary! One problem, T's been drafted in to work late and isn't going to be able to shave before midnight. Your job - help T's colleague, Joey, get through T's elaborate home security setup to bring him his fancy razor, so his friends won't give him a hard time about not shaving on time! Escape in the fastest time, or use it as a great excuse to get together online with a Mo Bro who might be feeling low.

Deadlocked Escape Rooms were one of the most prominent pioneers behind the crazy new alternative to online trivia - the Virtual Escape Room. Starting with their first 6-hour epic original online escape adventure 'The Insiders' and quickly following up with 'The Cyphstress', they quickly amassed a dedicated following due to their high quality, fully interactive games, jam packed with content and storytelling. Run by two creative game designers, they both hold Movember close to their hearts and threw themselves into creating a fun game just for Movember.