September 8th, 2015

Looking for more ways to get involved on campus? Check out Movember’s campus rep program. 

"What else can I do?"
In 2014, 11 Movember campus reps from 11 colleges and universities across the country made up the inaugural Movember Campus Representative Program. They were unified by the goal of maximizing Movember participation on their college campuses while receiving practical and tangible experience organizing, leading, and fundraising.

Together, the 11 campuses, which included student bodies as large as Arizona State’s 60,000 and as small as Wesleyan College’s 2,200, combined to raise over $165,000 to help change the face of men’s health.

While the fundraising totals are extremely impressive, the true value of the Campus Rep Program cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

When asked what he got out of participating in the program, University of Michigan campus rep Zach Sapinesly said, “I felt that being a campus rep was an incredibly valuable experience for me. I got to see the incredible hard work that’s going on at Movember, meet and work with some great people, work on my skills corresponding with students, campus leaders, and different organizations. Overall an awesome experience!” 

Leading a campus-wide initiative like Movember wasn’t just seen as valuable by those that participated in the program, but by those they were aiming to impress after graduation.

According to Andrew Schlegel from the University of Southern California, “'Movember Campus Representative' jumped off the page during a job interview. I was offered the job almost immediately.”

When originally designing the program, this is the exact impact College Engagement Manager Doug Prusoff hoped participating in the program would have.

“As an undergrad I was a Campus Rep for a number of organizations where all I was told to do was like this post or retweet this one. When I designed this program I did so with the intention of providing practical training and experience that not only would look good on paper, but would allow participants’ Movember stories to demonstrate real value to any future employer” said Prusoff.

Tasked with the responsibilities of setting strategy, identifying key contacts, recruiting participants, providing on-ground support, making presentations, leveraging social media, securing local media opportunities, organizing events, and providing key campus insights, the Movember Campus Rep Program truly allowed reps to showcase a broad range of important skills.

Some highlights from the around the program include painting the rock at the University of Michigan, two “Kick Ball Cancer” Kickball tournaments at University of Oregon and USC, strong Movember coverage by local and campus media outlets, countless presentations in front of key student and professional groups, tabling sessions driving increased sign ups, fundraising events at local establishments, and even a one-on-one meeting with a university president.

While there was plenty to be proud of in 2014, those that are returning to campus are excited to do things even bigger and better this upcoming Movember.

Cornell Crew team member Henry Klauke said, “After learning more about the Foundation through the Campus Rep Program I feel extremely fired up about Movember. I’m already excited for the 2015 campaign!” 

Whether it’s through the official program or not, Movember is always looking for passionate leaders to help lead the charge on campus. 

Think what you have what it takes to be a Movember leader at your school? Email to find out “What else can I do?”

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