May 31st, 2015

Read about one Mo Bros’ event created by dads, for dads, so dads can connect and share their stories of fatherhood.

Father's Eve
As Father’s Day nears, many dads can expect a little breakfast in bed, coffee served in a #1 Dad mug, perhaps a barbecue in the backyard with a ballgame on in the know, a day for dad brought to you by his kids.  But have you ever stopped to think about how dads might celebrate each other’s efforts in “dadness” – connected by the common theme that they have brought a child into the world and have survived the joyous, sometimes grueling, race of being a father? For one Mo Bro out of Minneapolis, he asked himself that very question and had a very obvious answer...a day brought to you by dads, for dads, so dads can connect and share their stories of fatherhood – Father’s Eve.

For John Francis, it all started on the Saturday before Father’s Day in 2012 when he and a few other dads decided to meet up in John’s St. Paul garage to have a few cold ones and simply talk about life. In John’s words, “As friends, like many dads, we struggled to stay connected in our busy lives. Father’s Eve was our outlet where we talked about supporting our families and raising kids. Father’s Eve is about finding the right way to bring dads together to strengthen each other and talk about being dads.”

That inaugural Father’s Eve in 2012 has picked up steam every year after, with many other dads joining this new tradition started by John and a few of his buddies. The event has grown so large that they now sell tickets with part of the proceeds going to the Movember Foundation. The recipe for the night is simple – bring good people together with some good food and drinks, and throw in a few games like Cornhole or Hammerschlagen. Out come great conversations, renewed friendships, and a stoked passion and appreciation for being a father.

If you are in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and would like to join John and his fellow dads for Father’s Eve on June 20th, you can find them at O’Gara’s in St. Paul celebrating their “dadness.”

Mo Bros, wherever you are on Father’s Day, don’t forget to take time and connect with your fellow dads and celebrate your journey – you’ve earned it. Staying socially connected is also good for your health. A recent Men’s Social Connectedness report funded by the Movember Foundation shows that there is a clear relationship between lack of social connectedness and mental health problems including depression, anxiety and even suicide. This Father’s Day we want all Mo Bros to be happier and healthier.

Don't forget - if you're still looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, gift an Amazon Prime membership and $10 will be donated to the Movember Foundation. 

On behalf of the Movember Foundation, Happy Father’s Day to all our Mo Bros!