November 25th, 2014

Double your donation with your company’s gift matching program.

Double Your Donation

Want to double your donation? Ask your employer to support your efforts and gift match the amount of your donation. Chances are, if you’re standing for change, the company you work for will stand behind you.

Many companies encourage charitable giving among their employees by doubling or even tripling a donation through gift matching programs.

Movember caters to many company's gift matching programs. If you’re employer isn’t already in our database of gift-matchers, contact your HR team and ask them if they'll help you support power of the Mo.

If your company isn’t matching, but would like to contribute funds to your Mo-growing cause, don’t worry, they can still make a donation! All it takes to make a company donation is to fill in the fields for Donor First and Last Name with the name of the business (just ensure that both fields are filled). You’re company will receive a tax receipt issued in that name.

For additional information regarding matching gifts company-wide, please e-mail or give us a call at (310) 450-3399, we’re here to help. 

Gift Matching