November 20th, 2014

A fully formed moustache now graces your face. Ensure the great look and feeling lasts for the rest of the month with these helpful grooming tips.

Keep it Neat: Fully Formed Follicles

Look at those fully formed follicles! You must be turning a lot of heads. In case you need a few pointers keeping that moustache looking as great as you feel, our friends at Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop in Australia and Blind Barber in America provide some helpful grooming tips.

Keeping it clean and neat

  • When you’re in the shower use a touch of shampoo on your Mo – just remember to keep your mouth closed.
  • Twice a week exfoliate and condition both your facial hair and the skin on your face.
  • Don't go overboard on oils to keep things shiny and in line. It’s best to use a light moustache wax.
  • Make sure your shave around the moustache to make it pop – it’s the key to sparking lots of men’s health conversations.

Have other grooming tips? Share them in the comments. For more Mo knowledge consult the moustachery section of the site.