November 16th, 2014

5 questions in the barber chair with John Crosby, father of The Giving Keys founder, Caitlin Crosby. 

Mo Bro Spotlight

5 questions in the barber chair with…

Mo Bro John Crosby. John is a talent manager in Los Angeles at John Crosby Management. A few years back, John was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Like many men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer, he showed no symptoms that something could be wrong. John is the father of Caitlin Crosby, singer, actress and Founder of The Giving Keys. Caitlin uses reclaimed keys, and engraves them with inspirational words. The message on the key is yours for a time, but once it has served its purpose with you, you pay it forward to inspire another person. John said, “What my daughter is doing is spectacular, it doesn’t surprise me or her mother, she’s always been a giving person. We are so proud of her.”


1. Who has your favorite iconic moustache?

Sam Elliot. Behind him, my grandfather Grant, who wore a kilt everyday during the World War II Liverpool Scottish regiment. 

2. What’s the best men’s style tip you can give?

Think beach. I missed my calling in beach fashion. I didn’t go into that, but I always loved the lifestyle of the beach. I was born and raised in Liverpool, England, but grew up in Santa Monica then attended Hollywood High School in 1960. 

3. What’s your favorite part about visiting the barbershop?

The smell. I love the smell of a barbershop. 

4. Can you remember a moment when your perception of men’s health changed?

Everything changed the moment I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At that moment, I didn’t know what it was, I was in great shape, and I had none of the signs. I went in for a general checkup and my PSA test had skyrocketed from the year before. I realized then I was vulnerable. 

My internist sent me to an urologist, where I got an 8 out of 10 on my Gleason test. At 60, we had to pay attention to it right then. I was in immediate shock. My wife and I sought out help from a doctor at City of Hope who had been pioneering the field of Laparoscopic prostate robotic surgery on the West Coast.  

5. What was the impact like on your family?

The encouragement of my wife was what made me take immediate action. I normally would sweep it under the rug, but Patty, my wife, was very insistent on looking into treatment as soon as possible. Being involved in Movember is making me take notice of my health again. I’m going to make more regular check up appointments. Because of the prostate cancer, I’ve realized I’m human and fragile. I’ve also learned prostate cancer is a couples disease and I’ve been so thankful to go through it with my wonderful wife. 

Advice from John: Trust your internist, build trust with your doctor and find someone you can stick with. 

Many thanks to John for sharing his story. If you are in Los Angeles, make an appointment at the Movember & Co. barbershop (310) 841-6679 to get a cut, a cup of coffee and have a conversation about men’s health. 

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