September 18th, 2014

5 questions for Adam Scott Paul of LA Coffee Club

Mo Bro Spotlight

Five questions in the barber chair with…

Mo Bro Adam Scott Paul, Co-founder of LA Coffee Club and competitive moustache grower

1. How are you connected to Movember & Co.?

Well, I am a Mo Bro. Also LA Coffee Club (@LACoffeeClub), which I am a co-founder of, is a celebration of coffee in the local LA community and we are hosting weekly events called Flat White Fridays at the Movember and Co. barbershop. I am also part of Bristly Chaps of LA, which is a competitive facial hair club.

Fun fact: Adam won 3rd place in the world beard and moustache competition in 2012 for his exceptional upper lip sweater. 

2. What’s the best men’s style tip you’ve ever received?

Be true to yourself. Be authentic. Stay humble.

3. Who has your favorite iconic moustache?

Nick Offerman. When I think of my moustache – I want the attention on my manliness, not just my moustache. I also love red meat. And I recently picked up whittling.

4. Can you remember a moment when your perception of men’s health changed?

When I started growing my moustache and when I learned about Movember. This year I turn 30, so I’m reminded I need to take better care of myself. My wife recently introduced me to vegetables as well.

5. Who is your male role model? And what’s one important thing they’ve taught you?

Weird Al Yankovic. I saw him record the Waffle King when I was four. He’s done his own thing, stayed true to himself and his background but has made success fun and didn’t take himself too seriously.

If you are in Los Angeles, make an appointment at the Movember & Co. barbershop on a Friday afternoon (310) 841-6679 to get a cut, a coffee and have a conversation about men’s health. 

Movember & Co. barbershop