September 8th, 2013

How women are helping lead the global men’s health movement.

Sistas Can Mo, Too

Believe it or not, women are helping to lead the global men’s health movement. Beside every Mo Bro is a Mo Sista. Register as a Mo Sista and start or join a team.

Women tend to be the gateway to health in a man’s life – whether it’s a mother or daughter, wife, girlfriend or pal. Women lead by example, and it’s the women’s health movement that Movember is emulating. Studies have shown that men are less likely to talk about their health as well as visit a physician. Therefore women play an important role in helping men break down the barriers that surround those simple health conversations. 

Statistics show that, on average, men die at a younger age than women – the average life expectancy for men is five years fewer than women (presently 76 compared to 81). There is no biological basis for earlier death, so more progress needs to be made to close the gap between the state of men and women’s health. That’s where the Mo Sista comes in…

For many Mo Bros, the thought of growing a moustache can be a daunting one. They may be concerned about how they will look with their newly acquired facial friend, nervous as to whether they are capable of growing a Mo or apprehensive about the commitment it takes to grow a Mo for the full 30 days of Movember. Mo Sistas play a vital role in supporting the journey, not least by being supportive of their courageous commitment. A kind word of encouragement, a wink or a smile of recognition can go a long way to helping a Mo Bro as he navigates the month of Movember – this may be particularly true in the first few weeks when growth can, for some, be a little bit slow.

A Mo Sista can show support in a number of ways, from simply donating to the Mo Bro in her life to actively enlisting a Moustache Army. Here are a few ideas to get things started:

  • Recruit team members from your workplace, social media or family and friends

  • Raise funds for your team through social networks and via email 

  • For every $75 you raise, you'll be entered to win an exclusive Mo Sista prize

  • Encourage the men in your life to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and know his health numbers

  • Organize your own Mo Party in your workplace or community

  • Host a MOVE event to get the Mo Bros in your life active

  • Buy a Gala ticket and join other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at one of our legendary Movember Gala Partés 

  • Order health materials for the men in your life and/or your office

  • Smile at a Mo Bro and compliment his Mo. Give respect, get respect.