September 16th, 2013

This Movember, we fight for change as the largest men’s health movement on the planet.

Welcome to Gen Mo
Movember is back and in 2013 we are taking to the streets, inspiring change, and motivating others to join the good fight. Generation Moustache is here and this Movember we fight for change. The last few years have been all about the gentlemen of Movember – the country and modern gentleman, the one who shares and receives knowledge from his elders. We realize these gentlemen have something in common. They are renegades; they stand united to shape the future of men’s health. They are Generation Moustache. 

This year, with the moustache as our catalyst, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas will crank up the volume, make some noise and fight the good fight. Gen Moustache doesn’t just accept our responsibility, we welcome it. The road less travelled will be our path and, united under one flag, we will not stop until we are heard. Welcome to Movember 2013. Welcome to Gen Mo.

Swift – Silent – Hairy