July 9th, 1971

Take some fun ideas from the Mo’s at Campbell’s on how to throw an end-of-the-month Mo Party in your community or at your office.

Campbell's Soup Company gets Mm-mm-Mo's!
"The mid-Movember Mo party is simply the best hour of our year," said the MC of the Campbell's Soup Company mid-month festivities and that is not an exaggeration judging by the turnout. For an hour, employees at Campbell's poured into an auditorium, where it was standing-room only, to enjoy their mid-month Movember Party.

This year, the Men of Campbell celebrated the 36 moustaches that have raised over $18,000 under the fearless follicular leadership of team captain Joshua Rosen. The Men of Campbell take pride in their moustaches and have a great time celebrating their annual growth with an irreverent pageant and display of moustaches. Judges included Mo Bro Eric Christianson who spent the afternoon judging moustaches and heckling the contestants. Okay, they were mostly heckling the contestants, but it was all in good fun.

There was an array of talent, costumes and shenanigans displayed at the event. A moustache-themed Allman Brothers cover band performance with an air guitar solo that would have knocked Burt Reynolds’ moustache off. There was a group of Mo Bros dressed up as beefsteak tomatoes rapping about lycopene (a cancer-fighting ingredient found in ketchup and tomato soup), and a “Dating Game” remake with Mo Bros dressed as Napoleon Dynamite characters: Uncle Rico, Pedro Sanchez, and Kip whose heart was on the mend after a recent breakup with LaFonda all made an appearance as they vied for the heart of a lady participant from the crowd. She put them to the test with a grueling round of provocative questions, like “where is the craziest place you’ve ever made…soup?” (Insert eyebrow raise, wink and nod here.) The big winner at the Men of Campbell party was Mo Bro John McComb’s team that recreated a Pace commercial where a faux horse graced the stage and stole the show. The Mo Bros compete for bragging rights, guts, glory, and some pretty awesome prizes that the Men of Campbell distribute to the winners, but like all Movember competitions, he who has the best moustache really wins.  

Want to have this much fun at your office or in your community? No official Movember Gala Parté in your town? Don’t get your whiskers in a twist - take a tip from the Men of Campbell and host your own Mo party!

You can have a Mo Party anywhere - in your office or at your favorite bar. Model it after an official Gala with a costume contest fully-equipped with judges and photographers. Need some inspiration? Check out the Movember Galas and the categories we award. Peep the list to see if there is a Gala near you where you have a chance to win the Man of Movember, Miss Movember, the best Mo Bro and Mo Sista Combo, the Best Mo in Character, The Lame Mo (the best worst Mo), the Ultimate Mo, and the best Team Mo Bro.Get creative and make your own awards and prizes.