November 13th, 2012

This family of Mo Bros really know how to show off their Mo’s! Read on to see the creative ways these Mo Bros document their Mo growth.

Family of Mo's Show it Off
We see a lot of creative ways to show off the Mo during Movember. Some people send us videos, some people tweet to us and a lot of Mo Bros take pictures of their daily growth with the Movember mobile app.

One of our favorite examples of these daily pictures comes from the Plehal family of Mo Bros. The Mo brings two generations together in a classic case of son knows best. Chris Plehal was a stellar Mo Bro last year and, in true Movember & Sons form, got his brother Dan and their father John to join the cause this year. Now that it's a family affair, the gentlemen created a website to showcase their daily Mo-growth photos. The team at Movember has really enjoyed school picture day, role MOdels and Bond villains. Hats off to this very creative way of showing off their growing efforts and encouraging donations. We look forward to seeing what themes the Plehal's come up with for the rest of month.

These Mo Bros are really doing their part to change the face of men’s health!

Comment below and tell us the ways you show the world how your Mo is growing!