October 22nd, 2012

The importance of Mo Sistas who support the growth of Mo’s cannot be over looked. Here are some tips to help these special women grow their Movember efforts.

Moustache is King…Mo Sista is Queen
Mo Sistas play a vital role in spreading awareness about Movember and men’s health. As a Mo Sista, once you have registered, started or joined a team, recruited others and fundraised, you might be wondering what else you can do to promote the Movember cause. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Movember experience and use your power as a Mo Sista to encourage Mo Bros on their hairy journey.
  • First and foremost, ask a Mo Bro if he’s had an annual health checkup and, if over 40, encourage him to speak to his doctor about a prostate exam. One of the biggest factors in surviving prostate cancer is early detection, so make sure the men in your life are taking preventative measures in order to lead a long, healthy, happy life. Women are often the gate keepers to a man’s health, and your encouragement can make all the difference.
  • Connect with other Mo lovers around the country and join the Mo Sista network.
  • Host a Mo Party! Whether it’s a mid-month gathering or an end of the month extravaganza, register your event and encourage Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to celebrate the Movember journey with you.
  • Promote Movember at your workplace or in your community. There are tons of ways to showcase your Movember spirit including bake sales, fashion shows and in office happy hours. 
  • Engage in social media and help your team promote their hairy efforts online. Movember is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram so make sure to follow, mention and hash tag us! Get creative and keep spreading the word throughout the month. 
  • Attend a Gala Parté. There are a dozen Galas around the country, so get your costume ready and attend one of these fun end-of-the-month events.
  • Don’t forget to always smile at a Mo Bro and complement his Mo. That helps them grow. FACT.
We know things can get a little prickly when the upper lip starts getting hairy, but a fun way to show the special men in your life some extra support is to give them a permission slip encouraging them to grow a moustache for the month.

Click on the image to download the permission slip and give it to your favorite Mo Bro!