July 9th, 1971

GAP is Movember's Global Action Plan. Launched in 2010, it was set up to address critical challenges in prostate cancer research through global collaboration.

A Meeting of the Minds: Movember's GAP
Where The Money Goes
As a result of working with our global prostate cancer partners, we identified an opportunity to accelerate research outcomes by providing researchers from around the world the chance to work together on research projects. The outcome is GAP, our first directly funded program, and one of which we're incredibly proud.
In terms of how it works; we bring together researchers from around the world, thereby facilitating a new and unprecedented level of global research collaboration, not previously seen within the prostate cancer community. Over time, researchers coming together to share data and what worked versus what didn’t, will avoid duplication of research effort and deliver greater return on the funds that Movember and other organisations invest in prostate cancer research.   

Today, more than 100 of the world's top prostate cancer researchers have joined Movember’s GAP, all of them committed to working together on research and sharing their knowledge in the area. The life changing potential of bringing together so many of the best minds is exciting and we look forward to sharing with you the progress and impact GAP is making.

There are currently two GAP programs underway, for specific details of these and more information on how GAP works around the world, please check out the GAP page under the Programs We Fund section.