September 1st, 2020


Movember is supporting mental wellbeing in diverse communities across the U.S.
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Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys began in 2015 with an investment by Movember to support diverse communities across the United States, all working to improve mental health and wellbeing among men and boys of color, or military service members, veterans and their families. This initiative has been built on strong evidence that prevention and early intervention can help improve mental health, and it focuses on upstream interventions that strengthen social connections and address stigma. Mental health is not only an individual issue, but also a societal issue that Making Connections looks to address with broader community-based approaches and through fostering resilience in individuals, families and communities. Because of the support of dedicated fundraisers, Movember is proud of have invested over $20 million in this initiative.

Five years into the initiative, the Making Connections communities — from Honolulu, HI to Chicago, IL to Canton, CT — have shown that peer-to-peer support and shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration have the power to support mental wellbeing and build resilience. Their efforts to improve community conditions have made a major difference in the lives of boys, men, and those that care about them. For example, several of the communities built on strengths to address social isolation and develop lasting connections by creating spaces for coming together such as bicycle shops and basketball courts.

Through Making Connections Movember is continuing to support five communities to implement prevention-oriented, community-driven strategies that draw on local knowledge and customs to develop effective and culturally relevant approaches. Making Connections seeks to connect men and boys in the places where they spend the most time and through activities they enjoy doing.

Participating sites include:

Sites were initially supported in their planning and implementation efforts by Prevention Institute, which provided ongoing technical assistance and coaching on upstream prevention, community resilience, and engagement.

Read more about the mental health and suicide prevention programs Movember is funding globally. While these programs are a great accomplishment, there is much work to be done to create a world where men live happier, healthier, longer lives.