July 9th, 1971

Movember started with a conversation back in 2003, and now that conversation has grown into billions taking place about men's health each Movember. All this talk is very important to us, for Movember is not only about raising funds for men's health, but is also about raising awareness. It’s awareness that educates and prompts people to change behaviour and take action, and which can ultimately save lives.

So much more than a Mo
Where The Money Goes

Movember started with a conversation between mates, so there’s a nice synergy to the fact that, today, it’s conversation that is central to everything we do; it’s just a bigger conversation.
That single conversation in 2003 about growing a moustache, has grown into millions of conversations taking place each Movember and it’s the impact of all this talk that we want to tell you about. All too often it’s only the funds raised by a charity that are remembered but equally important, especially at Movember, is the awareness raised.

It’s awareness that educates and prompts people to change behavior and take action, it’s awareness which in our case can ultimately save lives.
As you know, we raise awareness for men’s health by using the growth of a moustache to prompt conversation. But does this actually work? Is all the talk actually making a difference? These are questions we constantly ask ourselves and I’m sure you might have stopped to think about it, too. The answer is without doubt, yes. And we want to take this opportunity to show you how each of you, as part of the Movember community is making a difference through the awareness you spread during your personal Movember journey. The facts and stats featured in this short video-clip come from a recent piece of research we did, something that we do each year to ensure that our Awareness & Education program is delivering in line with our objectives. 

Check out how you’re helping to change the face of men’s health around the world.