December 10th, 2011

Introducing the Mo Bro/Mo Sista Combo winners from Movember’s official 2011 US Gala Partés.

Mo Bro & Mo Sista Gala Winners 2011
These Mo Bro and Mo Sista couples (and Mo Bro/Mo Bro couples in some cases!) impressed the Gala judges with their award-winning, moustache-complementing and crowd-inspiring costumes!

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Atlanta - Christopher Foley &
Matt Quinlan
Austin Gala - Burk Meinen

Boston - MO SISTA rep -
Courtney Ellard
Chicago Gala - Jacob Peterson

Denver - Robes Willson &
Kelsey Zabrusky
LA Gala - Bobby Gold & Emma Fitzpatrick
Minneapolis - MO SISTA rep
Sarah Parker
 New York Gala - Denzil Thies

Seattle Gala - Thomas &
Paula Reck
Washington DC- Grant Begley
& Darya Pilram
San Diego - Natalie Jones &
Dave Loomis
San Francisco - Bruno & Ursula Ferreira