December 9th, 2011

Introducing the Best Mo in Character winners from Movember’s official 2011 US Gala Partés.

The Best Mo in Character Gala Winners 2011
It’s Hulk Hogan. No, it’s Rick James! No, it’s clearly Mike Ditka! These fine Mo Bros were recognizable as the Best Mo in Character and impressed the judges and the crowds at the US Movember Galas with their award winning impersonations of men with iconic Mo’s!

Click here to see how these Mo-tastic Mo Bros will be rewarded.
Atlanta - Rhys Sharp Austin Gala - Marcus McNac Boston Gala - Dan Tyburski
Chicago Gala - Andres Colon Denver Gala - Chris Thompson LA Gala - Travis Bowe
Minneapolis - Bradley Erikson  New York - Jovis Depognon Seattle Gala - Scott Ward
Washington DC- Steve Beggs San Diego - Matt Curran San Francisco - Joe Atamian