November 16th, 2010

Global collaboration facilitated by Movember to lead to progress in prostate cancer research...

Movember Announces its Global Action Plan
Where The Money Goes

This week the Movember Foundation announced the establishment of its inaugural Global Action Plan (GAP). Working alongside a team of leading prostate cancer experts from around the world, the GAP has been put in place to accelerate key outcomes in prostate cancer research.

In establishing the GAP, Movember is planning to support one large international research initiative each year that attracts the best prostate cancer researchers in the world, from both Movember and non Movember participating countries, to collaborate on tackling some of the key challenges that will help find better tests and treatment options for men affected by prostate cancer.

Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the state of men’s health and the GAP will take an important step towards achieving this by facilitating global research collaboration projects. The GAP will sit alongside and complement existing programs run by Movember’s beneficiary partners around the world.

The key to this initiative is an agreement as ambitious as its goal: not just to fund collaborative global research, but also to share all data freely with the entire prostate cancer community and beyond. Each multi-million dollar project will be funded to achieve the key objectives, which will be accelerated by bringing together the best minds and resources around the globe to tackle the identified challenge.

Paul Villanti, Movember Chairman, says;
“We firmly believe that implementing this plan will fast-track key outcomes in prostate cancer research globally.   With our international reach we are uniquely placed to support this initiative and bring about significant achievements that will impact the quality of men’s health around the world. Today, we run official campaigns in nine countries and through discussions with our prostate cancer beneficiary partners around the world, we identified an opportunity to achieve research breakthroughs faster by bringing together, as a team, prostate cancer experts from around the world to work co-operatively on key research challenges. The result has been the creation of our GAP initiative.” 

The creation of Movember’s GAP will see a new and unprecedented level of global research collaboration, not previously seen within the prostate cancer community. Movember has appointed a Global Scientific Committee (GSC) to oversee the initiative. The Committee will be supported by an expert Research Advisory Committees established to oversee each research program, and by a dedicated Movember program manager.

The GSC comprises of the very best prostate cancer experts from around the world, all of whom will advise Movember on priority international research initiatives in line with GAP’s goals. Movember is incredibly proud to be working with a group of such highly respected experts around the world who have an outstanding and proven track record in prostate cancer research. Further details and biographies of the GSC members can be found on the Movember Foundation website under the Global Action Plan menu.

GSC Independent Chair, Professor Colleen Nelson, of the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, is in no doubt of the importance of Movember’s GAP;
“Prostate cancer research is often most effective when multi-disciplinary teams across different research institutions work together to address key scientific challenges. This is usually done within a given centre, occasionally across one country. Rarely is there an opportunity to do this on a global scale. Movember GAP provides an unprecedented challenge and opportunity to unite prostate cancer researchers across the globe to achieve key breakthroughs faster.”

Movember and its beneficiary partners are excited and proud to be introducing the Movember GAP initiative. It’s recognised by all involved that a better diagnostic and prognostic tests and treatment options for prostate cancer is needed.  Too many men are dying from the disease and too many men are being treated unnecessarily or inefficiently due to the limitations of current tests. GAP is aiming to accelerate significant achievements that will impact the quality of men’s health globally.