September 3rd, 2020

BIPOC Mental Health Week

Join us for a week of discussions with notable guests about the issues affecting the mental health of men and boys of color
Mental Health

We have a crisis in the US surrounding mental health. Mental health is not only an individual issue, but also a societal issue. Movember is uniquely positioned with a focus area in men’s mental health and suicide prevention, to host a dialogue about men’s mental health, with a focus on black, indigenous and men of color.

A week of virtual panel discussions will take place starting September 15 and will be filled with robust conversations on the unique challenges BIPOC communities face when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. We want to create safe spaces for healthy dialogues with experts and people who have lived experience or work in the mental health space. 

  • September 15 - Black communities and mental health. What are the current and ongoing challenges?
    • Moderator: Wilbert Cooper - Journalist (NYT Contributor, WSJ)
    • Akbar Cook - Principal, Newark Public Schools
    • Ashanti Branch - Founder, The Ever Forward Club
    • Art Shanks - Program Coordinator - Making Connections Chicago
    • Donavan Morris - Youth Mentor - Making Connections Chicago
    • Eric Bigger - Entertainment Professional
    • Join us: 11:00am PT  / 2:00pm ET on
  • September 16 - BIPOC communities and mental health. How are communities of color driving change and finding solutions?
    • Moderator: Ruben Cantu - Program Manager, Prevention Institute
    • Miguel Estevez - The Friendship House Counseling Clinic
    • Vanessa Huynh - Site Coordinator, Google/CodeNext
    • Raheel Ramzanali - Mo Bro-Houston
    • Jeffrey Acido - Making Connections, Hawaii
    • Join us: 9:00am PT  / 12:00pm ET on
  • September 17 - Diversity and mental health in the workplace: How to create safe and inclusive environments. 
    • Moderator: John Eligon - National Correspondent, New York Times
    • Miguel Quiroga - CEO, Visible
    • Garen Staglin - Co-Founder, One Mind
    • Nicholas Iadevaio - VP Human Resources, L'Oreal
    • Robert Fung - Director of Prostate Cancer Programs, Movember
    • Dr. Linda McGhee - Mental Health Expert, The Steve Fund
    • Gidai Maaza - Owner/Founder, LMFT Private Practice 
    • Join us: 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET

We will be taking Q&A on Facebook Live from our community. Please tune in and join us for these important discussions. Now, more than ever, it’s time to come together to change the face of men’s health.