November 21st, 2019

Mo’s at Work

Join the Movember Business Club an epic, globe-spanning competition between businesses of all kinds.
For companies looking to boost their impact for men’s health the Movember Business Club is a great way to take it up a notch. Businesses around the world are hosting international challenges competing to raise funds for men’s health. But the Movember Business Club is more than a fundraising challenge it’s a team-building educational campaign, wearing a clever moustache disguise.

Grow out your Mo’s or Move and join the universal equalizer that sees employees at every level coming together for a good cause.The Movember Business Club is a great way to rally around a good cause and a proven way to enhance employee engagement and job satisfaction. Take a look at what’s going on at some of our top clubs.

Lord Abbett 
Lord Abbett continues to remain at the top of the Movember Business Club leaderboard. This year, Team Lord Abbett did a remarkable job fundraising $15,000 in less than three hours to offer four employees the chance to attend the Movember x Nasdaq Opening Bell Ceremony. 

Merck’s Office of the Chief Patient Officer and Employee Population Health teamed up to sponsor a special event which was broadcast globally. Mark Buzza, Global Director of Biomedical Research delivered an exceptional presentation on Movember and provided a more detailed review of Movember’s Prostate Cancer Biomedical Research Portfolio.
The audience also heard from three Merck senior leaders; Art Hirt, Eliott Zarett, and Tom Lampron who shared their own personal reasons for being involved in Movember and their commitment to the effort moving forward.
Nearly 50 Merck employees attended in person, 400 dialed in via teleconference and 800+ globally have now listened to the recorded webinar. 

Angelo Gordon
Angelo Gordon was founded on a vision to build an unwavering commitment and culture for their employees. This year, the firm expanded their Movember efforts in support of men’s health beyond fundraising to education. Angelo Gordon hosted a panel made up of AG professionals in the healthcare and wellness field and Movember Spokespeople included Mark Hedstrom, Susan Todd and Dr. Carlson - all who were able to speak to men’s health and how employees can utilize their health care benefits. 

CME Group
Since 2015, CME Group has contributed nearly $1,000,000 to Movember and its men’s health initiatives. Participating in a two-month fundraising and awareness campaign, October for women’s health and Movember for men’s health, CME engages its employees in more than 8 countries around the world to address key health issues and remain a leading member of the Movember Business Club. 

Cox Enterprises
As the 2018 champions of the Movember Business Club, Cox Enterprises continues to be a leading supporter of the men’s health movement. Through the highlighting of Movember at the annual “Cox Giving Fair,” and with the support of executive leadership, human resources, and several of its business units, Cox Enterprises goes above and beyond to advocate for men’s health and raise money for Movember’s groundbreaking programs.