October 22nd, 2017

Our partners at Men’s Wearhouse and Joseph A. Bank are here to help you find the perfect custom suit look to accentuate your moustache.

Make Your Mo Shine with Custom Clothing
Our partners at Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank are here to help you find the perfect look to accentuate your majestic Movember moustache. As a special incentive, Movember participants can get a free custom shirt with any custom suit purchase—just bring proof of your Movember registration (email or Mo Space page) into any Men’s Wearhouse or Jos. A. Bank location nationwide.

No matter which moustache you grow, your clothing creates context and adds character.
Take, for instance, Hulk Hogan. His horseshoe moustache framed his ferocious grill, but it’s hard to imagine him without a torn yellow tank top. The Mario Brothers are another example. Their burly moustaches accent a workingman’s ensemble that starts with overalls.
To underline your personal choice in moustache, you need a personal look. And there’s nothing more personal than custom tailoring. Our custom program starts with the perfect fit, and includes a wealth of personal options, including Italian-milled fabrics, monograms, working buttonholes and lining and lapel styles. Here’s how custom tailoring can support and amplify your mo’:
1. Handlebar
This past summer, the body of moustachioed surrealist Salvador Dali was exhumed to settle a paternity dispute. Gossip aside, the moustache was standing at attention, an impressive 28 years post-mortem. So take a nod from the visionary eccentric. Start with a freshly-stretched canvas­—­in this case, a simple but perfectly tailored suit. Then add whimsical details like contrasting lining, a pocket silk—maybe even a melted pocket watch.
Style tip: For a slightly less eccentric take on the handlebar, check out suave villain Bill the Butcher (i.e. Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York).
2. The Walrus and the Painter’s Brush
With the right pairing, the simple painter’s brush or its brawny brother, the walrus moustache, can stoke excitement. Take for example Burt Reynolds and his cowboy hat in Smokey and the Bandit or Tom Selleck and his hibiscus shirts in Magnum, P.I. Our favorite pairing might be a bold check. Alex Trebek, during his pre- Jeopardy! game shows like High Rollers sported his furry friend with loudly-checked sport coats and suits. The look is both elemental and over-the-top.

Style tip: Not a fan of checks? Keep the suit solid and knot up a patterned necktie, which acts like an arrow pointing to your moustache.
3. Moustache with Sideburns
You may have heard that your lapel width should match your tie width. That’s a good rule of thumb, and similar advice goes for your sideburns: A wide chop begs for the balance of a wide lapel. To accentuate just how wide your lapel is, start with a double-breasted suit and style it with a peak, instead of a notch. You’re now ready to grow your chops as wide as your cheeks can handle.
Style tip: You’ll want to brush up on tough guy quotes and arrange for wah-wah theme music before you debut this look.
4. The Pencil
The pencil moustache looks as dangerous as a straight razor. Classic Hollywood actor Clark Gable and art-trash film director John Waters are trusted reference points for the style. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony is a current exemplar.
Style tip: The trick here is one of proportions. The thinner your ‘stache, the trimmer your suit.

Claim your custom shirt and suit
Once you decide which Mo to grow, we’re ready to help with your custom suit. Get a free dress shirt with proof of Movember registration at any Jos. A Bank or Men’s Wearhouse location nationwide.