November 20th, 2016

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to gather with those you love and start conversations about issues that matter.

Give Thanks to the Mo
Thanksgiving is about being grateful for your family, friends, and the blessings in your life. Thanksgiving also happens to be National Family Health History Day—a day designated by the US Surgeon General to encourage conversations and raise awareness of the health conditions being passed down between generations. As so much of our health is a question of genetic inheritance, it’s important to get the story straight about what your family’s health history looks like.
That’s why this Thanksgiving, we’re here to help you start conversations that truly matter and make sure you've got the whole picture about what's happening in your family bloodline. Start with our Guide to Knowing your Family Health History. And while you're at it, let them know why you've joined Movember and why they ought to get behind the cause as well. As the gravy starts flowing, so do the conversations.

Give them the scoop

Make sure they understand what Movember is all about. The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. The Movember community has raised over $710 million and funded over 1,200 men’s health projects in 21 countries.

Hit ‘em with the stats

There are countless reasons to Mo, and a number of important stats and men’s health issues that most family members might not even be aware of.
  • The average life expectancy for men is almost 6 years less than women. 
  • 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. 
  • Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the United States (second only to skin cancer)
  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged 15-34 years.
  • More than four times as many men than women die by suicide in the United States.
  • Around 510,000 men die from suicide globally each year—that’s one every minute.
  • Making a Move can improve your general well-being and mental wellness; not to mention, it can combat fatigue, aches and pains, anxiety and depression.

Drive it Home

When everyone is together during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to talk about the health history of your family. You can’t change your genetics, but you can make healthy choices to limit their effects. Encourage your folks to be proactive and talk to their doctors. Let your siblings know you’ll be there for them when they need to open up about things that are bothering them. And above all, give thanks for what you got.

By the end of Thanksgiving hopefully everyone will be so inspired by your commitment to Movember that they will contribute to your Mo Space page. Make sure you have your Mo Space link handy so they can donate online (don't forget to encourage them to use Visa Checkout for any donation of $50 or more, and Visa will top them up an extra $20!).