November 3rd, 2016

When you want to not only stay fit, but raise some serious men's health money along the way, it doesn't hurt to get a little ridiculous. 

How I Move: Ross Miller
For me, Movember's Move challenge isn't just about physical fitness--it's about the art of the spectacle. I'm keeping things interesting throughout this month of fun runs and fundraising by putting just a dash of costumed buffoonery in the mix. 

1. What’s your motivation behind getting involved in Movember?

Movember’s a great cause, I love the combination of it being such a fun way to raise money but with a serious message behind it. Having grown up in England where’s that culture of “stiff upper lip” around dealing with your problems, I’m committed to helping change that and encourage guys to talk and support each other when they’re having a tough time, as well as taking action to stay fit and healthy. We all have men in our lives that we care about and want to be around for as long as possible, so we need to be more proactive in helping to make sure that happens!

2. What motivated you to do Move for Movember?

I’m growing and moving this Movember. What better way to get my moustache to start conversations than to run around the streets of LA?! As someone who spends a lot of hours behind a desk each week, I know it’s easy to get into bad habits with not being active enough. Move has helped me to focus on staying fit and healthy, and running before work is a great way to start the work day in a positive frame of mind.

3. Can you describe your challenge? Why did you pick it?

I’d have loved to have challenged myself to a big Move goal this year, but I’m just coming back from a long-term injury, so have to avoid anything too crazy. Instead I figured I could get creative and do something a little different, so this year I’ve offered friends and family the opportunity to set me challenges that they’ll pay to see happen. So far I’ve auctioned off the rights to choose the style of my moustache (an asymmetric number is on its way) and now focusing on Move-related challenges. I’m going to be participating in Mo Running events in London and Birmingham and will be dressing up for the occasion – the opening bid is a cow onesie, but will go big and run (or waddle maybe) in an inflatable Marshmallow Man costume if I hit my fundraising target. Or even something crazier if I get a better offer!


Keep the stakes high for Mo Bro Ross and donate on his Mo Space here