October 24th, 2016

Burpees for Bros: Mo Bro Pete Tulumba turns the challenging exercise into a vigorous fundraiser for men’s health. 

How I Move: Pete Tulumba
Two words: moustaches, burpees.

The concept is simple, but it’s turned into a powerful Move event that’s resulted in some major funds raised for men’s health. Mo Bro Pete Tulumba in Austin, Texas, is taking the burpee to the next level: at his “Burpees for Bros” event, now in its 4th year, he gets attendees to donate for every burpee a participant completes within an hour time limit.
The often-dreaded exercise is, in itself, a major physical feat: with a push-up, squat, and vertical leap all built into one single rep, even the most muscle-bound meatheads can find themselves exhausted early in the set.

“It's the exercise that everyone loves to hate! It's a challenge for sure, and it takes a committed and semi-crazy person to sign up, but I will tell you that it brings people together, and it brings awareness to an issue that needs it.”
For Pete, pushing past those limits is exactly what the Move challenge is all about. And it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra motivation from supporters who are throwing down some money for men’s health— the event’s fundraising model is a simple but brilliant one:
“At Burpees for Bros, athletes have 60 minutes to complete as many burpees as they can. Weeks before the event they gather sponsors to contribute to the cause. Sponsors promise to donate a set amount per burpee. The idea of course is that the more burpees the athlete does, the more money raised. Last year, we had the winner doing 773 burpees, which at a $1.25 a burpee is $1,331.25 for just that ONE athlete. An average burpee count could be 400, and even at $.10 a burpee, a $40 donation is great! Clearly you can see how it might add up as athletes typically have several sponsors.”
Pete is excited to watch his initiative grow: this year, Burpees for Bros will be hosted at two locations (in New York and Texas) and even more people are expected to show up to observe the physical gauntlet and throw some dough for their favorite Mo.
It’s easy to turn your Move event into a high-impact fundraiser, with just a bit of ingenuity (and, you might say, a little muscle). Check out the Burpees for Bros team page here.